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This page will give you complete baggage allowance details for all passengers of Flybe flights.

This page will give you details of:

  • Hand Baggage
  • Hold Baggage
  • Excess Baggage
  • Damaged Baggage
  • Banned and Restricted Items
  • Liquids
  • Sports Equipment

All information for economy fliers unless otherwise stated. Relevent as of 21/10/2010.

For more information visit Flybe's website.


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Flybe Hand Baggage Allowance

1 piece of hand baggage on board the aircraft. The maximum permitted dimensions for this item are 50 x 35 x 23 including handle and wheels and it should not exceed 10kg in weight. If you are travelling in Flybe Economy Plus you may also carry a laptop.


Flybe Hold Baggage Allowance

Flybe Economy Plus passengers can carry up to 40kg free of charge

By paying in advance for 1 bag, Flybe Economy passengers can carry up to 20kg in a single bag or, by paying in advance for a second bag, increase the allowance to 40kg

The maximum permissible weight, for health and safety reasons, for any single item of checked in baggage is 30kg.

Flybe Excess Baggage Allowance

Excess baggage is carried on a standby basis only. Carriage will only take place if there is sufficient space available in the aircraft hold and will be subject to a charge currently £12 per kilo for the first 3 kilos, £15 per kilo for between 4 and 6 kilos and £20  for every kilo there after.

Flybe Damaged Baggage Information

Here is the statement made on the flybe website regarding damaged baggage:

'We shall have no liability whatsoever for damage to articles not permitted to be contained in checked Baggage, including fragile or perishable items, items having a special value, such as money, jewellery, precious metals, computers, personal electronic devices, negotiable papers, securities, or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents, or samples. Please see the General Conditions of Carriage. It is in the passenger's own interests to ensure that they have adequate travel insurance or insurance which specifically covers the item(s) that are carried onboard or within the aircraft hold(s).'


Flybe Banned and Restricted Items

The following items will be refused and confiscated by the airport security officers under the guidelines of the Department of Transport. All dangerous items listed will not be carried.

Sharp items such as scissors, knives of any description, tools and sharp accessories including screwdrivers, imitation toy guns, hypodermic needles, sporting equipment or any item which may be considered to be a safety risk to the passengers or crew, are prohibited from the aircraft cabin and must be packed in Hold Baggage.


Dangerous items include the following:


- Aqualung cylinders which are filled

- Bleaches

- Camping gas cylinders

- Cigarette lighters including refills

- Corrosive materials

- Deeply refrigerated gases - liquid nitrogen

- Explosives

- Fireworks of any description

- Flares

- Flammable & non flammable gas - aerosols

- Flammable liquids including paints

- Thinners and solvents

- Flammable solids including firelighters

- Gas cylinders of all descriptions

- Infectious substances

- Mace spray

- Mercury

- Oxidising materials

- Organic peroxides

- Poisons

- Tear gas

- Radioactive materials


Flybe Liquid Restrictions

Passengers may take through airport security liquids such as toiletries including:

- Perfume

- Toothpaste

- Deodorant

- Shaving foam

- Lip gloss


Please ensure that vessels holding liquids contain no more than 100ml each.

All individual liquid items must fit comfortably into one transparent, re-sealable bag no larger than 1 litre or approximately 20cm x 20cm (about the size of a small freezer bag). The bag must fit into the one permitted piece of cabin baggage but you will be asked to present the bag separately when going through airport security. Liquids of any amount may be carried in luggage checked into the aircraft hold.


Flybe Sporting Equipment Policies

All exceptional baggage or sporting equipment may be pre-booked within 24 hours of making your flight booking and costs £30/€37 per item. That includes: golf clubs, skis, surfboards and musical instruments.



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